Those of us who consult to groups and organizations or have taught the 9 types for the umpteenth time know that someone will eventually ask, “Will you work with my team?” What to do? What questions to ask? What goals to set? In this session, we’ll explore the Enneagram as a model for working with groups and teams. Drawing on the basic themes of group life boundaries, leadership, and unspoken understandings – we will test the Enneagram as a diagnostic tool to investigate and identify what’s happening in a group and as a framework to devise intuitive interventions to facilitate a group’s espial of its True Nature and best way of working.

Michael Goldberg wrote the bestselling The 9 Ways of Working, teaches at the Professional School of Psychology, and is an attorney and certified mediator. His Enneagram clients include the CIA, Motorola, Philips Electronics, and Farmers Insurance. His forthcoming book, The Man of Many Turns: Vagabonding with Odysseus on the Back Roads of the Psyche, is about the Enneagram in Homer’s Odyssey. , www.9Ways ofWorking.com

Michael Goldberg


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA