We all need love, and yet we know that relationships are going through a profound crisis. Divorces and infidelity are growing faster than ever! Many couples that stay together, are already emotionally divorced.

But, what’s the big secret to maintaining a successful and loving relationship?

In this session, the Enneagram will help us:

– Understand how we are trapped in an egocentric spiral of craziness.

– Speak our partner’s specific love language.

– Make us conscious of our blind spots, and work on them so that they don’t interfere with our relationships.

This workshop will include a short lecture, inner personal reflection and type group exploration.

Andrea Vargas is the author of an Enneagram book “Who Am I? Discover your type and the secrets to relate successfully with others.” She is certified by Daniels and Palmer and completed the Riso/Hudson training program. She is co-founder of The Enneagram Coaching Center Mexico where she offers workshops to organizations, young students and groups..

Adelaida Harrison has been involved in the personal growth area for almost 15 years, and teaches the Enneagram in Mexico. She is co-founder of The Enneagram Coaching Center Mexico that offers workshops to organizations, and groups of youths and adults. She is founder and secretary of the International Enneagram Asociation in Mexico.

Andrea Vargas
Adelaida Harrison


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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