St Ignatius Loyola may not have used the Enneagram, yet the wisdom he describes in “motions of the soul” radiate Enneagram wisdom. Ignatius taught engagement of head, heart, and gut in order to make decisions that lead to abundant living. Motions of the Soul has been called Discernment of Spirits in modernity. Ignatius continues to help practitioners and individuals navigate the journey of life in “asking what the good way is so we can find rest for our souls”*…the Enneagram supercharges this knowledge combining practices and experiences that offer a heartfelt, bright and purposeful life excursion.

This session will discuss a head, heart, and gut space for each type: Ignatius motions of the soul, ancient and contemporary spiritual practices to harmonize the three centers for optimal soul direction.

As an Enneagram Practitioner/Teacher, Spiritual Director and Lead Pastor, I use this understanding to bring spiritual guidance to individuals, organizations, and my own staff. Over many years, I have witnessed individual and team transformation. I hope to offer this grace to others.

Rev. Clare Loughrige, M. Min, has studied the Enneagram under Psychiatrists, Ministers, Lawyers, Coaches, and others. Whether training has emphasized spirituality or not, Clare finds no sacred-secular split, asserting that the Enneagram is a powerful tool to unlock our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

* Jeremiah 6:16

Clare Loughrige


2012 IEA Global Conference

Long Beach, California, USA

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