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Building Bridges: Christianity’s Conflicted Relationship with the Enneagram

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By Chris Heuertz, Clare Loughrige, and Liz Jackson “It looks like two pentagrams having sex.” “I’m outta here, they are using new age heresy!” “I want to know more about God, not more about myself.” Those are some of the things we’ve heard from Christian [...]

Back to the Future: Motions of the Soul and The iEnneagram

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The emerging Enneagram perspective of this workshop comes from the “Back to the Future” spiritual guide, Ignatius Loyola (1491 – 1556). Ignatius may not have used the Enneagram but the wisdom he describes in “motions of the soul” radiate Enneagram wisdom. While recovering from a [...]

Ignatius 3 Centers Approach for Integrated Life Direction

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St Ignatius Loyola may not have used the Enneagram, yet the wisdom he describes in "motions of the soul" radiate Enneagram wisdom. Ignatius taught engagement of head, heart, and gut in order to make decisions that lead to abundant living. Motions of the Soul has [...]