Fauvre’s (2000) premise that the Enneagram typology is ‘neither random nor arbitrary, but rather maintains a quality and elegance in its inherent symmetry” motivated this researcher to examine if there was indeed such a symmetry especially in relation to the various Enneagram triads and Karen Horney’s interpersonal trends. In an article Karen Horney Meets the Enneagram, Wagner (2001) offers a very detailed synthesis of some Enneagram authors’ approaches to the interconnection between various triadic arrangements of the Enneagram Types and Karen Horney’s three interpersonal trends. He concludes his article by throwing down a gauntlet to “start down the yellow brick road of research” (Pg. 12). He recommends using the Horney-Coolidge Tridimensional Inventory (HCTI) (Coolidge, 2004) to determine if there is indeed a relationship between the two systems…


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