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2013 IEA Enneagram Journal

The Relationship Between Enneagram Type and Karen Horney’s Interpersonal Trends Measured as Compliance, Aggression And Detachment

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Fauvre's (2000) premise that the Enneagram typology is 'neither random nor arbitrary, but rather maintains a quality and elegance in its inherent symmetry" motivated this researcher to examine if there was indeed such a symmetry especially in relation to the various Enneagram triads and Karen [...]

Deep Living: Transforming Your Relationship to Everything that Matters Through the Enneagram

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Return to the most human, nothing less will nourish the torn spirit, the bewildered heart, the angry mind: and from the ultimate duress, pierced with the breath of anguish, speak of love. Deep Living, Roxanne Howe-Murphy's rich and welcoming introductory Enneagram book, provides a comprehensive [...]