360 degree feedback is a widely-used process designed to help people identify the development areas of which they may be unaware. Furthermore, different vendors have identified their own proprietary formula for what they tout comprises an effective leader.

In this highly-interactive session, we will draw from the collective expertise of the coach participants to identify their best practices and biggest challenges in this realm. We will review the latest entry in this race, the Full Circle Group’s Leadership Circle Profile, and identify how the Enneagram was used in its creation. We will then map out different companies and their values to identify their culture and how “executive presence” is measured according to it. We will then identify how we can use the Enneagram with clients who have taken the LCP to help them identify the clearest, most impactful path for their development and success in their organizations, based on their Enneagram strengths and the expectations of the organizations in which they work.

This workshop is ideal for executive coaches and career coaches using or aspiring to use the Enneagram in a business setting. It will be in the form of 85% collaborative group work/report-outs, and 15% lecture.


R. Karl Hebenstreit


2019 IEA Global Conference

Oakland, California, USA


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