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Conflict Transformation and the Enneagram: An Innovative Approach to Mediation

By |2019-05-07T11:12:08+00:00July 26th, 2012|Categories: 2012 IEA Global Conference, Audio|

This presentation will focus on cutting edge applications of the Enneagram in the field of conflict transformation, explaining how emotional intelligence and increased self-awareness can facilitate empowerment and recognition in the mediation process, enabling the transformational shift. Louise will discuss the ethical implications of using [...]

Enneagram Insights for Managing Conflict and High-Risk Conversations

By |2019-07-06T02:40:45+00:00July 31st, 2009|Categories: 2009 IEA Global Conference, No Media|

[NO RECORDING] Approaching conflict and difficult conversations can represent a significant challenge in the best of circumstances. In this session, each of the four expert panelists will offer a short presentation related to using the Enneagram to manage conflictual or high-risk conversations. This will be [...]