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The IEA Italia Event

The first Italian IEA Italia Local Enneagram Event took place on September 14th and 15th 2013 in Sestri Levante, a wonderful seaside town in the Liguria region. Most participants were invited by local teachers and friends, or out of curiosity about the Enneagram. Some of them decided to become members in 2014; others offered to give help to the [...]

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[NO RECORDING] This experiential workshop considers the body as our most important medium towards higher states of consciousness. The original Enneagram teaching correctly points out that the egotype is not only a psychological characteristic, but is rooted in our organs, bones, muscles, neurological system and endocrine glands constituting our anatomy. This means that all the information we need for [...]

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Exploring Instincts and Instinctual Intelligence Centre Through Movement

This workshop introduces the exploration of our instinctual intelligence centre and the instincts through movement. The method is inspired by the common statements recognizable between the Enneagram teaching, the anthropology of movements and rituals, and the search for the "universal gesture" in the "modern primitive" dance technique. Through primal movements, we can explore some of our deep structures related [...]

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