I was witnessing a Two panel recently and the inquiry was about support.  What helps?  A young man made a distinction that I really took to heart as a fellow Two.  He said, it’s not really about self-care but about self-attention.  We can DO all kinds of things for ourselves that are lovely – get a massage, work out, have coffee with a friend – yet receiving our own attention and presence is a gift beyond measure.  Dropping in, noticing and bringing kindness to whatever we encounter changes everything.

So it got me to thinking how lovely it would be if we gave Presence for presents.  Deep down, what really satisfies is being present for self and other.  We want to feel the attention, love and presence of those we care about.  We want to feel our own presence.  We want to slow down enough to enjoy one another.  So this is my holiday wish for all of us, that we give and receive Presence this year.  Happy holidays!