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The New Year: The Work, To Work

Dear Hudson, Welcome to 2022. We are here. Still in this human vessel. Moving, rotating through space, time, and dreams. What will this new year, this new looking glass show us? I continue to be grateful for you and all our adventures together. We are travelers in a wonderful universe. This trip is not easy, and it is a [...]

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Walking Through the Doorway to Love

By Cathy Hudson, Certified Enneagram Teacher – January 2021 Day after day, one life. Now it begins, now we start One hand, one heart, Even death won't part us now. - Westside Story, One hand One heart   Dear Hudson, It is the holiday season now and we cannot celebrate as we have in the past. We are making many exceptions and [...]

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Dear Mama Coco, I Love You

Mama Coco and Hudson Once upon a time in a far-off land 2 beautiful beings met. One was divine black being (Mama Coco) and one was a divine white being (Gaga Lala). A magical box called a Xerox machine brought them together. It was apparently a box that made magical noises and you could put your face on it [...]

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A Call for Reconciliation

As an Enneagram community member, I am writing this letter in order to request for all of us to consider calling on the wisdom tradition of the Enneagram to be practiced. We have received a letter from a group of people, who have shared their experience of being in a working and friendship relationship with a fellow Enneagram Teacher [...]

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I Read the News Today, Oh Boy!

To paraphrase the Beatles: ‘I read the news today, oh boy. The news was rather sad. A crowd of people turned away But I just had to look.’ The news is more than sad, it is grotesque. It’s hard to look away from the grotesque. I look at the news and I think of my Enneagram friends in Turkey, [...]

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The Ego, The Pearl and Being

“Type or ego is simply our strategy for surviving on planet earth”  Dr Deborah Ooten, School of Conscious Living, EEI Session I teachings“Oysters make pearls as a defensive response to foreign objects. The process begins when some foreign body, such as sand, a parasite or some other organic material, manages to make its way inside the oyster’s shell and [...]

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The Inclusive Enneagram

I recently returned from a very powerful and moving Enneagram retreat in London designed and facilitated by Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes. Upon my return I found myself reflecting on my life and journey before and after the Enneagram. Two decades ago when I first encountered the Enneagram community, I was tentative and reluctant to fully engage. My initial [...]

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Children and the Enneagram

“People often worry that their kids won’t turn out the way they want them to. Since we don’t get to choose our kids personalities, we often try to force them into one. We must learn to adjust to our particular children and encourage them along their own paths.” -The Enneagram of Parenting by Elizabeth WageleI am Gaga Lala, a wife, [...]

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Two pieces of music playing at the same time

…that's how it can feel to talk about the Enneagram if you're non-religious. You may be very fond of the one piece of music, but your focus is always shifted because the other piece of music is constantly playing underneath. In this instance, it does so by expressions taken for granted (such as 'holy', 'God', 'sacred') , or by [...]

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The problem with the Enneagram…

The problem with the Enneagram…Well, actually there are several problems as I see it. The most important one is: You can’t undo knowledge once you have it. Now, when we talk about the Enneagram this means thatOnce you know at least some of your behavioural and motivational patterns, there’s nothing you can do. You know that the responsibility for [...]

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The Enneagram Isn’t The First Thing

I when I hear someone cramming every behavior into an Enneagram box. It feels dehumanizing at best and aggressive at worst. As a teacher, I feel protective of the Enneagram and this habit turns people off. The Enneagram isn’t the first thing. Your type is a response and an adaptation to help you feel safe, secure, in control and connected. [...]

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On Kindness, or The Trials of Being (or Enduring) an Eight

The holidays are a time for family gatherings and all of the joys and tribulations that come with them. I am fortunate--I like my family, and our all-too-infrequent gatherings are often filled with stories and laughter. This Christmas was no different, and at one point the conversation turned to what an awful big brother I was as a teenager, [...]

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Presence for Presents

I was witnessing a Two panel recently and the inquiry was about support.  What helps?  A young man made a distinction that I really took to heart as a fellow Two.  He said, it's not really about self-care but about self-attention.  We can DO all kinds of things for ourselves that are lovely - get a massage, work out, [...]

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Balancing Work, Play, and Self-Care

At times, our lives take on a momentum of their very own and we live life at top speed. It is vital that we begin to slow down, take stock of how we spend our time and energy and look at what life has to offer us. Three areas of life: work, play and self-care, must remain in balance [...]

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Natural Cycles of Life

Like nature, people cycle through distinct seasons. Autumn is the season of "harvest" - it is a time when we turn our attention inward to reflect on what the year has brought us so far. It is also the time to take stock of what we need to carry us through the winter. Often we lose sight of the [...]

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A Journey to Love a Heart Type

When I first knew Enneagram, it was just some friends who took a module or two and came out telling me that I look like a type 2 and when I asked, they said, “You are the helper.” When I get dramatic and I am over caring or over protective, they said, “You are a 2 this is you.” [...]

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Conscious Play

The fall season is approaching and with it comes the need to reflect on how we play and prepare ourselves for this transitioning time of year. This is a time of winding down just before we begin to build back up for the holiday season. Adult play is sometimes very complicated and hard to achieve in our fast paced, [...]

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School of Life

As we prepare to send our children back to school we might want to visit our own arena for learning, LIFE. As adults we are faced each and every day with opportunities for growing and learning about ourselves. The challenges that come to us are often in the form of attachments to thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The ways in [...]

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Thoughts on the 2018 IEA Conference and Community

In July I attended and presented at the International Enneagram Association Global Conference in Cincinnati. I’ve been coming to the IEA conferences on and off for the past ten years, and have noticed a marked change in the last few. The early Enneagram conferences I attended focused heavily on individual growth, experiential practices (such as shamanic journeying and breathwork), [...]

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It Is All True . . . If It’s All About Me.

Learn how one woman discovered how to change a negative recurring pattern in her life. I am humbled by the wisdom that emerges from the clients I get to work with. One woman's wisdom that emerged when trying to change a recurring pattern in her life - is so simple and yet creates changes so profound - that I've passed [...]

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Men of Namur


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The Unknowingness of Love

From 2011-2014, I was associated with the Deep Coaching Institute. First as a student, then as a mentor, and then as faculty-in-training. I always thought that I was learning to coach using the Enneagram.  Learning to coach deeply with my clients. But then I realized that what I had really been learning is learning to love. To love deeply. [...]

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Feelings Are Not Emergencies

This phrase, “feelings are not emergencies,” was uttered to me over twenty years ago by my clinical group supervisor.  I was just out of graduate school and had begun a private psychotherapy practice.  She was helping us to mediate our responses to client’s intense emotions.  It was easy to feel like they were emergencies!  We’ve actually learned a lot [...]

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Teaching the Enneagram: The Weave Between Teaching and Facilitation

When I first began Integral and Enneagram classes, my aim was to teach. Teaching itself is by definition a transmission of knowledge. Both the Enneagram and Integral help flex the muscle of "perspective taking" where we learn to observe the nuances of our own perspective along with the perspectives of others. While teaching new material is invaluable, it is [...]

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