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Summary of an upcoming workshop at the 2017 IEA Conference

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“Writing Your Enneagram Journey” Presenter: Melanie Bell BerghoefBell.com We all have stories about who we are, shaped by our personality and experiences, which influence our behavior. In this presentation, we’ll identify the story we’ve been living and explore ways of creatively rewriting to uncover new [...]

Summary of a 2015 IEA Conference Presentation: Communication Styles for Success

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  Communication is challenging. So many factors influence it, from culture to timing, and misinterpretations abound. It’s because of communication’s tricky yet necessary nature that we’ve found it to be such a useful application for the Enneagram. Our communication workshops are popular with audiences in [...]

The Enneagram and Ayurveda as Complementary Practices

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If your Enneagram studies have you seeking a daily spiritual practice, our session will assist you in developing one. Learn about the powerful connections between Enneagram and Ayurveda, a holistic, bodily-focused spiritual tradition with roots in ancient India. See how this profound system can help [...]

The Dynamism of Mental Health: Using the Enneagram to Treat the Severely Mentally Ill

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Individuals in the unhealthy range of health of their Enneagram type consist of the severely and chronically mentally ill population. Traditionally, individuals in the average levels of health (per the Riso-Hudson definition) have used the Enneagram for inner work, while mental health professionals diagnose those [...]