Often times we experience meaningful coincidences (synchronicity) at seemingly critical points in our personal development. Such meaningful coincidences can be viewed by individuals as having a profound influence on their lives. Synchronistic events occur in relation to time and space, are geographically specific, and the beyond random character suggests that they are beyond chance. In this workshop, we explore the very specific character development, the very specific issues each Enneagram type encounters, and how these events unfold in time. One goal of this workshop is to develop a concept that we live in an everyday level of consciousness without awareness (like a trance state) of the central difficulties inherent to the personality. This is a repeating pattern which may go on unnoticed until the threshold of the stimuli such as uncanny coincidences described as synchronistic events gain enough intensity to demand attention.

Martin Meyer


2000 IEA Global Conference

Burlingame, California, USA