Integrating Hypnosis, NLP, Energy Psychology with the wisdom of the Enneagram The Enneagram may be the most profound and practical way to know ourselves and others but it does not have many inherent strategies or techniques for change. And many of the most powerful and innovative psychotherapeutic strategies for change don’t have a refined theory of personality or spirituality. This workshop will experientially integrate the power of these change strategies with the wisdom of the Enneagram. We will experience: Ericksonian Hypnosis/NLP to relax, be more present, and access and mobilize general, triadic, and type specific positive resources and attitudes and Energy Psychology to eliminate Enneagramatic fears, limiting beliefs, trauma, stress, and unwanted emotions. Participants will learn effective tools to continue this process on their own with themselves and clients.

Brian Grodner


2000 IEA Global Conference

Burlingame, California, USA