The Kabbalistic tree of life gives us an anatomy of consciousness. Both the Enneagram of fixations and the Enneagram of higher virtues and ideas can be placed on the tree. A number of levels of consciousness in between these two states form a ladder by which one can go from one to the other. We recognize the famous 3 levels of learning (1. extension of behavior repertoire; 2. observation of and disidentification with the mechanisms of one’s type; and 3. transformational learning), but there are more in between levels. Every level provides a number of tasks that have to be practiced for development. For every level there are exercises available. We will discuss the relationship between the Enneagram and the tree of life, and practice some exercises from this tradition that will help us go from fixations to higher consciousness.

Hannah Nathans


2000 IEA Global Conference

Burlingame, California, USA