This workshop explores a new, field-tested paradigm for dealing with age-old dilemmas in love relationships. When used properly, the Enneagram is a superb diagnostic tool which brings clarity in two major ways: 1) uncovering how core-level stalemates and disagreements evolve due to personality differences and 2) how we can develop effective ways to resolve these dilemmas. Success in any given relationship is defined by the inner satisfaction of the two partners. Some may prefer the feeling of sameness and commonality between them with peace and quiet. Others may enjoy the growth, debate and “sparks” that fly from opposing perceptions and needs. Video clips of actual cases from clinical practice will be presented showing how couples come apart fighting, how they come back together, and why they feel their relationships have endured. Audience participation in evaluation of type, instinct (subtype), and relationship prognosis is encouraged.

Mona Coates


2000 IEA Global Conference

Burlingame, California, USA