Whenever we over identify with certain aspects of our personality, we tend to disavow our opposite tendencies. For example, if we think of ourselves as right and exact, then we don’t want to be around any parts of ourselves that might be wrong or messy. We relegate these parts to the basement or unconscious. This is called repression or splitting. If the basement starts to offend us, we can take one further step and throw our garbage out. This is called projection. For example if we think of ourselves as wise and perceptive, then we cast out our foolishness and find ourselves surrounded by dunces. Defenses create divisions within us and between ourselves and others. Re-owning our unseemly parts leads to inner integration, an increase in energy and wholesome connections with other people. A combination of lecture and dialogue will suggest ways to make friends with our shadow and be more welcoming of our inner exiles. This workshop will explore each Enneagram style’s ego identification and its shadow, the defenses against the ego-dystonic parts, and ways of reacquainting us with and reintegrating our disowned characteristics.

Jerome Wagner


2000 IEA Global Conference

Burlingame, California, USA