This relaxing, entertaining, and interactive workshop knows no boundaries. We will explore the whole Universe of music-from classical to rock to movie music to jazz and beyond-using reasoning for understanding musical concepts, reIating to the music through our feelings, and communicating our various reactions to what we hear. Music contributes to personal wholeness by conveying a Universe of feelings as well as involving the intellect, the body, and the senses. There will be musical guessing games and dance music to express the types, followed by music to heal. The minuet, for example, has the feeling of the careful and proper One personality, while the One’s drivenness might be represented by the relentless Tarentella. The scherzo (literally a “joke”), represents the healing Ones can experience at Seven, while the Sarabande has the soulful personal feeling of Ones at Four. Come and find some of the Enneagramatic reasons why your foot starts taping and your body starts swaying when you hear certain music. See if you understand yourself and the Enneagram better by using both sides of your brain.

Elizabeth Wagele


2000 IEA Global Conference

Burlingame, California, USA