In the application to education, business and other professions the Triads Personality Inventory (TPI) quickly gives workshop participants verifiable insight into the Enneagram model, providing accessible profiles of the nine types, and establishing for facilitators a firm base from which to teach the complexities and benefits of the model. The TPI was developed by Enneagram teacher and author, Janet Levine (The Enneagram Intelligences, 1999). This workshop includes taking the inventory, reading the descriptors, watching video clips, small group discussion, and Q&A about the Inventories. The TPI series currently includes separate TPI Inventories for Educators, Business Leaders and Salespeople, Students, Ministers and Parents. TPI series, Janet Levine et al c. 1997-2000).

Regina Pyle
JoAnne Tybinka


2000 IEA Global Conference

Burlingame, California, USA