Cabalistic psychology teaches that our spirits contains three levels of soul which correspond to the Instinctual, Heart and Head centers of the Enneagram. Hovering above these three souls is a fourth level of spirit, which allows us to observe and integrate both the light and shadow sides of the other three. It is only through the recognition and development of the fourth level that we can achieve wholeness and prepare for the ultimate spiritual manifestation, union with Essence. In this workshop we will explore how the four levels of our souls mirror the Four Worlds which Cabalists viewed as the path of descent from limitless Essence of our earthly reality. Special attention will be paid to these worlds as sources of the Holy Ideas and our Fixations, the Virtues, and our Passions and our Instinctual Subtypes. To help us bind our centers to each other amidst the frictions of daily living, we will conclude with a practice based on the Jewish rite of separation and healing, Havdalah.

Howard Avruhm Addison


2000 IEA Global Conference

Burlingame, California, USA