Six principles of effective consulting will be discussed: Attention to other, Attention to self, Atttuning (on six levels), Adding, Assertiveness and Alternatives. Different types find different strengths and challenges in these six areas. Attuning to clients includes attuning to the client’s type. What expectations do clients of different types have from the consultant, and what should the consultant definitely not do with clients with a certain type? Participants will engage in exercises in which they use their own type’s strength; work on their challenges in consulting, using other types as role model; and practice attuning to clients with different types.

Dr. Hannah Nathans is the Director of Nathans Consultancy, specializing in consulting, training, and coaching/counseling. She wrote Consulting as Second Profession (in Dutch) and The Enneagram at Work (now available in English). Dr. Nathans is certified by Helen Palmer and has extensive experience in consulting, training consultants, and using the Enneagram in consulting. +31-30-6931914 (Netherlands),

Hannah Nathans


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA