“Monocles” – an entity channeled by psychologist David Rapkin – has demonstrated over many years through private conversations his interest in furthering understanding and constructive use of the Enneagram. Some of his talks have been witnessed by groups, while others have been priv ate consultations with individuals. Topics have included a wide range of subjects, and many of “Monocles’s” comments have struck Enneagram-savvy listeners as original and powerful. For this IEA Conference, “Monocles” and Dr. Rapkin have agreed to a public conversation with Michael Goldberg, a frequent interlocutor for earlier conversations.

David A. Rapkin, Ph.D. practices clinical and health psychology in Santa Monica. His interests in depth psychology, spirituality, transpersonal psychology, channeling, and Tibetan Buddhism have found a convergence in the Enneagram. In 1986, he began channeling “Monocles,” an entity who has displayed a special interest in elucidating the Enneagram,

David Rapkin


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA