Matisse and Picasso were two of the most influential artists in twentieth century Western art. They were friends, foes, and competitors with great mutual respect for each other’s Being and art. These two great men wrestled and stimulated each other to new artistic heights for nearly half a century. Using slides of their work and quotations, Merlin will compare and contrast these two artists, their Enneatypes illustrated by their art and words. Merlin’s background as a certified Enneagram teacher and a professor of art history uniquely qualifies him to speak on this subject and he looks forward to sharing his excitement and enthusiasm about these two major artists.

Merlin Dailey holds degrees from Kansas City Art Institute and University of Indiana; he taught at Memphis State University. Merlin is a certif ied Enneagram teacher in the Oral Tradition with Helen Palmer and has taught Enneagram classes for over twelve years. His personal study includes the Gurdjieff and Diamond Heart work,

Merlin Dailey


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA