This session consists of the on-going research about Enneagram Types and how they manifest in handwriting. At an epistemological level, the connections between these two tools are numerous. At first, an intuitive approach will be used with participants, showing them some handwriting samples and asking them to understand the Enneatype that is correlated to each sample. Then, some graphological laws as applied to Enneagram will be explained. Finally, some handwritings of formerly married people will be examined, trying to understand their conflict’s dynamics through the graphological point of view bound to Enneagram Types.

Claudio Garibaldi was born in Genoa (Italy) and has a Consulting Graphologist degree from the University of Urbino (Italy). He consults for mid-size Italian companies, assisting in the screening and assessment process when evaluating new job applicants, and is an invited lecturer to conventions. Since 1997, Claudio has been researching the connections between Graphology and Enneagram and their practical applications.

Claudio Garibaldi


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA