Sleep Talk with Enneagram knowledge is a powerful tool in building that effective bridge between parents and children. It helps children deal with various agespecific issues, allowing parents and grandparents to help children through difficult times. Sleep Talk scripts affirm positive behavior while a child sleeps. This practice is mutually beneficial for parents and children. For adults, it provides a chance to release negativity and reinforce love and pride for the child. For children, it is a low-stress way to assist in modifying behavior

and strengthening positive personality traits. Enjoy your parenting experience. It lasts a lifetime.

Lois Y. Haddad, R.N., developed the Sleep Talk technique as she cared for critically ill children on the pediatric ward of UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. She has taught relaxation, stress management, visualization, and healing workshops in schools, companies, and medical clinics for over twenty years,

Lois Haddad


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA