Reviewing the events of one’s life is highly conducive to acquiring self-knowledge, which can lead to selfacceptance. With self-acceptance, it becomes easier to connect with other human beings and have a richer, more joyful life. Enneagram study can play an important part in this process, helping us make sense of why we behave as we do. During the workshop, there will be an opportunity to get a taste of Life Review by reflecting on what happened in one area of life and sharing observations with another person. Participants will also meet in small groups to relate an important life experience and see to what extent the behavior exhibited was characteristic of one’s Enneagram type.

Ted Barnett, certified by Palmer/Daniels, studied with other leading Enneagram teachers. Hospice volunteer. Organized Life Review sessions at three Harvard class reunions, conducts Life Review workshops in Vermont, writing book on Life Review. Founder, executive director of International Graphological Colloquium. Member Ouspensky/Gurdjieff London group early 60s, which led to his attending numerous Krishnamurti Talks/Dialogues in Europe, India,

Ted Barnett


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA