Death is the only certainty in life and, in many ways, its most important event. However, talking about death and dying produces anxiety, fear, uneasiness, and resistance. A variety of defense mechanisms are used to avoid addressing the issue. The presentation will begin by addressing the larger cultural framework within which we live and how it may condition the attitudes of people. Secondly, attention will be placed on the three centers and how they may manifest in dealing with the threat of death and dying. Thirdly, through research conducted in Italy and some experiential sharing, the specific attitudes and concerns of the nine types about death and dying will be addressed.

Arnaldo Pangrazzi, Ph.D., is professor at the Camillianum International Institute in Rome, and wrote his dissertation on “The Enneagram and Christian Anthropology: A Model for the Health Care World.” Dr. Pangrazzi has taught courses on the Enneagram, death and grief in a variety of countries. He has written numerous books and is president of Associazione Italiana Enneagramma. Phone: 0039.06.36303233 or 0039,

Arnaldo Pangrazzi


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA