Using a holistic view of the nine types, this presentation will focus on the role of the body, the instincts, and emotions in working with personality and character structure. Wilhelm Reich’s concept of “body armor” and the importance of the breath will be emphasized. Participants will be led in some simple breathing and stretching exercises and asked to share about this experience, and their overall somatic experience, in small groups. The 27 instinctual subtypes will be reviewed as the keys to understanding the important relationships and projects in life in which people invest their emotional and instinctual energies.

Peter O’Hanrahan has worked with the Enneagram for 25 years, applying it as a counselor and body therapist, and teaching workshops to helping professionals, business groups, and the general public. He is currently manager and associate trainer for the Palmer/Daniels Enneagram Professional Training Program.

Peter O’Hanrahan


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA