Based on Dr. Thomas’s dissertation, “A Neurotransmitter Theory of Personality Based on the Enneagram,” this session discusses how each of the nine distinct personality types may be due to a unique configuration of the activity of the three main neurotransmitter pathways. Reviews the potential relationships between the influences of heredity and environment. Preliminary results of groundbreaking personality studies using SPECT scans will be presented for the first time. Concludes with suggestions for further research (including a proposal for value-neutral standardized terminology for technical writing) and discussion of possible implications for personality assessment and clinical intervention.

Dr. Tina Thomas is a biopsychologist and author of A Gentle Path: A Guide to Peace, Passion and Power. She has dedicated her life to exploring the biological nature of personality and creating a research foundation, tinathomas10@ hotmail.com

Tina Thomas


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA