This session addresses how we can simply and effectively support our personal and spiritual development in the course of daily life. First is befriending our personal reactivity, the things that set us off or push our buttons, for our Basic Proposition about life is reflected in our personal reactivity. Once we truly grasp this relationship, then our intuition can better guide us and life becomes a “meditative practice” through conscious awareness practices and discernment that leads to conscious conduct. Participants can anticipate experiencing how these practices bring about greater freedom and compassion. A combination of short lecture, self-observation practice, inner reflection, exercises, and panel work in the Narrative Tradition will be used.

David Daniels, M.D. is a clinical professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University and co-author of The Essential Enneagram. Dr. Daniels has taught the Enneagram worldwide for over thirty years and with Helen Palmer since 1988 through the Enneagram Professional Training Program. He brings extensive knowledge of the Enneagram to individuals, couples and groups, and to clinical practice and the workplace. www.authenticenneagram .com ,

David Daniels


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA