Ever try to communicate an important issue or heartfelt concern in a meeting or group – and it just didn’t work? Often we unconsciously inhabit the wrong center when communicating with others. This primarily experiential workshop illuminates connection and communication through the three centers – head, heart, and gut. This “centers approach” to relating will focus on the group setting, yet it is equally applicable for one-on-one communicating. Each participant will have a chance to experience the centers’ energies from both an active and a receptive stance. The tools gained in this presentation will pave the way for true understanding and being understood.

Author of The Everyday Enneagram, Lynette Sheppard, R.N., CHT has taught the Enneagram for the past 15 years. Her audiences run the gamut from corporate executives to speaking professionals to military officers. She can be reached in Molokai, Hawaii, . Her “Essential Enneagram” website is www.9points.com.

Lynette Sheppard


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA