We read, we workshop, yet we do not change. Change comes from awareness and intention. Defuse the Type’s control over your world by reconnecting with the present and by moving from fear to abundance, judgment to allowing, and separation to love. Learn to Consciously Create your world through your power of intention. In this session, you will learn the mechanics of awareness to witness and tag your feelings of wellbeing and those of disharmony. Then discover how to interrupt those beliefs that lead to suffering and experience the truth you have within you as your own source and guidance.

George McCaul has studied the Enneagram for 16 years and is a fully certified trainer through the Enneagram Institute. He is a past IEA board member, vice president, and president. George has presented the Enneagram in corporate and personal sessions, trainings, consultations, and coaching,

George McCaul


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA