The world of work is comprised of interpersonal relationships operating on many different levels of complexity and meaning. These relationships occur in different arenas as well, from intra-organizational to inter-organizational communities and networks. Through leadership development and coaching, these relationships are harnessed to accomplish various business-related objectives, such as communicating and providing effective feedback, managing conflict, crafting high performance teams, and networking for creating coalitions. Building on the valuesbased self-concept approach in Part I, this workshop considers the self-boundaries that define the extent of our self-concept. We will learn NLP techniques to discover and alter our external and internal boundaries. In doing so we acquire greater freedom and choice based on how we represent these boundaries in our minds. And we will learn how to adjust these representations to expand our repertoire of responses and behavior within our Enneagram style. Through instruction, experiential exercises, and practice, participants will polish their boundary skills to enhance their leadership and coaching presence to engage, connect, and collaborate with co-workers in healthy and respectful ways.

Jerry Wagner
Jim Armstrong


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA