Spanish-English Translator: Fernando Puyol

Investing in human capital has become an innovative tool that shows results and gives organizations a competitive advantage. The development and implementation of programs of inner growth and the training of leaders, also known as coaching, has permitted organizations to help employees generate self-esteem and develop positive and proactive leadership skills. This type of program also stimulates creativity and efficiency and allows for more happiness and interpersonal success at work. The Managerial Being is a human development coaching process that uses the Enneagram to identify and strengthen competencies. Through The Managerial Being Program we are able to find the most outstanding characteristics of the behavior of each of the members of a company group as they are manifest in the organizational context. The detailed observation and knowledge of these behaviors allows us to establish the bases for the construct of a more humanistic culture.

Using the Enneagram to work with the organization and the human being in a variety of ways, this program aims to develop self-knowledge and increase personal satisfaction and pleasure at work. In addition, the Enneagram system is used to train individuals to communicate and have greater degrees of empathy with their co-workers. Creativity, presence, and problem-solving abilities are also enhanced through this program. This has the effect of increasing productivity and creating motivation other than remuneration for doing work in the organization. It also helps to establish more harmonious working relationships, lessen accidents and absences at work, and prevent substance abuse.

Amir Gabriel Castro is a philosopher, humanist, and sociologist. He received his Enneagram training in 1978 from Chilean psychiatrist Carlos Warter. In 1995 he was initiated in Sufism by Sufi master Nawab Pasnak. He is founder and director of AmaRenacer, an international organization designed to support Human Development.

Daniel Castro Carvajal works as a psychotherapist and is studying to be a psychoanalyst. He learned the Enneagram from his father, Gabriel Castro, in 1990, when he began working with AmaRenacer Organization. He created a three-day workshop for teenagers based on “The Inner Traveler.”

Amir Gabriel Castro
Daniel Castro


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA