Bert Hellinger’s systemic family constellation therapy often produces profound shifts in the minds and hearts of the client and the audience after witnessing the representatives Bert selects to constellate the reconciliation process. A psychodramatist’s awareness of the Enneagram type of both the client and the persons chosen as representatives in constellation perpetrator/victim dramas frequently increases the speed, intensifies the depth, and produces the field within which painful issues are recreated, joined, imaged, externalized, and made available for reframing and hence integrating transformation. Shifts from the passions toward the virtues in the client and the audience are often thereby facilitated in these victim/perpetrator encounters.

It is assumed that the audience understands the dynamics of the movement of the arrows in the direction of integration as it is this movement that seems to often be facilitated by the process.

The theme of the sociodrama actually given will emerge from the field sociometrically at the time of the presentation. Thus the presentation is intensely experiential for those representing, and somewhat experiential for the observing others. Group limited to 30 persons. Most of the participants will observe.

Please note: No one will be admitted to the workshop after 10 minutes past the start time.

Joseph Matthew Pirone is a Professor of Psychology and Mentor in the Honors Program at SUNY Rockland. In his advanced personality and social behavior courses, he integrates Enneagramatic and soiciodramatic approaches to understanding optimal and destructive human behavior. An Enneagram educator as well as psychodramatist, sociodramatist, and family therapist for several decades, he has drawn from these techniques to create a unique teaching and learning experience in the psychology of hating, conflict resolving, and forgiving. Dr. Pirone’s areas of research include the phenomenology of the alteration of states of consciousness in psychological and spiritual healing. He has trained with Bert Hellinger in the study of family constellations, applying the Hellinger work to the resolving of hatred between religious and ethnic groups. Currently he and his students are exploring the process of creating Internet-based collaborative communities in the service of Peace, using interactive teleconferencing applications that facilitate awareness of human suffering between groups. He is the Founder and Director of both Enneahellinger Media in Mahwah, New Jersey and the Enneagram Center of the Adirondacks, Jay, New York, both at drjosephpirone.net. Pirone has a PhD in psychology from Fordham, trained at the Alfred Adler Institute in New York, did psychodrama and sociodrama training at the Moreno Institute in New York, and is certified to teach the Enneagram by Hurley and Donson and Riso and Hudson.


Joseph Pirone


2005 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA