An ambitious agenda: to explore two separate, yet interrelated, paradigm shifts. One, the internal-personal transformation from an egoic state of consciousness to a state of higher consciousness. Two, the collectiveglobal transformation from a medical-pathologizing orientation to a psychospiritual embracing of the human condition. Not to bash the ego. Not to trash the medical model. Rather, to view these as essential aspects of our individual and collective spectrum of being–a mosaic of the biological, psychological and spiritual.

This model spans the assumed chasm separating ego and essence while it bridges the apparent gap between the medical model and the Enneagram. We see that “mental health” does not lend itself to the dualistic definitions of “mental illness” or “wellness”. In exploring beyond these conventional definitions we experience ourselves across a broad spectrum, and thus we’re afforded the opportunity for movement, for transformation.

Participants can expect to be immersed in a fun, multimedia experience as well as experiential dyads and lively group discussion of their discoveries. Participants will receive tools they can use in their own lives and professional practices.

Cary Weintraub, MD began his practice of psychiatry after studying the Enneagram for over ten years. He practices with both the “chronically mentally ill” where medications are the traditional modality, as well as with clients seeking deeper understanding. Out of these experiences has emerged “Spectrums Of Being”, a series of seminars that presents an integrative model of mental health.

Cary Weintraub


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA