The Enneagram diagram’s internal lines and arrows contain important secrets for human development. In any kind of Enneagram work (coaching, therapy, training, consulting, etc.) and for our personal growth, the correct understanding of the dynamics of the arrows has the potential to take human development to new levels and dimensions.

Most Enneagram practitioners concentrate on analyzing the involuntary movements that all of us are subject to: involuntary moves along the lines to the so-called security and stress points (or other names, depending on the Enneagram school). However, these connections go far beyond this and can represent resources for growth if we learn how the movement operates. Furthermore, voluntary movements can also be applied to achieve transformation.

Some of the questions that will be answered by this presentation are: how do the movements along the lines work, according to different teachers and authors? What exactly does it mean to move against and with the arrows? What specific behaviors and experiences arise from the two different movements – against and with the arrows? How to work with both the natural/involuntary movements and with more voluntary movements made by will and self-mastery? How can we use the arrows as tools to promote growth for ourselves and others? What should be observed when working with the arrows?

This presentation will include exercises for the participants to experiment with these movements in themselves, samples of applications using this approach, and examples from the presenter’s professional background with the Enneagram.

Course Objectives:

Objective 1: To widen the perspective on how the Enneagram arrows can be used for personal growth and when working with other people.

Objective 2: In a very practical and interactive way, this presentation will not only help participants understand how the movements against and with the arrows work, but will also help them delineate specific challenges for their personal growth and find new solutions pointed out by the Enneagram.

Uranio Paes received his MBA from Fundao Getlio Vargas (FGV), Latin America’s top business school. He has been a business consultant since 1990 and serious Enneagram student since 1996. He currently serves as president of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) Board of Directors. He is an Enneagram trainer, consultant and coach since 2000. Paes runs UP9 DESENVOLVIMENTO HUMANO (www.up9.com), a company dedicated to Enneagram-based services for South American organizations, focusing on change management, strategic planning, leadership development, conflict resolution, team building and coaching.

Uranio Paes


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA