Alexandra Vance and Katy Taylor will share their own collage explorations of the underlying spiritual impulses of the Enneagram, and invite participants to explore the Enneagram through collage.

Many people can get caught up thinking about the Enneagram–analyzing, memorizing, and studying it–but engaging only the intellectual mind. We find collage work to be a powerful tool that can encourage the use of all three Centers, thus allowing access to our intuitive inner knowing about any subject–in this case the Enneagram.

Both of us have independently explored the spiritual impulses of the Enneagram via collage–Alexandra, the Holy Ideas, and Katy, the Essential Qualities. For both of us, this process brought whole new depths of understanding of the types–how and why they evolve as they do, their sacred connection to the Divine, what they feel like from the inside out. We would like to share this work with others and provide an opportunity for participants to conduct their own spiritual collage explorations.

Collage materials, including glue, scissors, magazines, and paper will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring any materials they particularly value or cherish to be a part of their creative process and spiritual exploration.

Katy Taylor is the Special Projects Director of The Enneagram Institute, working directly with Don Riso and Russ Hudson. She is a RH Enneagram Teacher, offering workshops and spiritual/life mentoring, and is a Minnesota IEA Board Member. She is also a student of the Ridhwan / Diamond Approach work and is an ordained Interfaith Minister.

Alexandra Vance is a Marriage and Family therapist who facilitates individuals, groups, and families using a combination of modalities including the Enneagram, expressive arts, and other psycho-therapy techniques. She has developed a process to assist others to integrate and embody the powerful spiritual truths of the Enneagram.

Katy Taylor
Alexandra M. Vance


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA