Nowhere is the evolution of the Enneagram more evident than in its application to leadership development within organizational and business settings. Consultants and coaches who understand and appreciate the value of the Enneagram in business are on the cutting edge of new territory. But, it’s lonely out there and those of us doing the work would benefit from communing and collaborating with others attempting similar endeavors. Experience, trial and error, not to mention a little risk-taking are great teachers and resources. This thoughtfully facilitated, fluid,”open-space”format will offer experienced corporate coaches and consultants an opportunity to share, learn, vent, explore, debate and deepen their insight into ways in which the Enneagram can be used to transform workplaces and improve leader effectiveness.

The program will explore challenges, obstacles, successes and best practices on possible topics such as:

How coaches are using the Enneagram in their work with leaders

Methods that have assisted leaders in improving and overcoming their performance derailers

Ideas for using the Enneagram in team development

Approaches to working with the Instincts and Type in leadership coaching and consulting

Resistance to utilizing the Enneagram in organizations – HR, CEO or some other level? How did you get your foot in the door? How do you continue to cast a wider net for potential client work within a system?

Does the spiritual dimension of the Enneagram belong in leadership coaching? When is/isn’t it appropriate?

Do organizations reflect an “Enneagram type”? Do they have “Instincts”? What’s your experience?

How does the Enneagram integrate with other organizational initiatives such as diversity, high potential, talent identification and performance management?

How do you measure an engagement’s success?

Krisann McCormick, M.A., is a consultant and coach who has supported organizational and leadership performance for over 25 years. She has introduced the Enneagram to more than 3,500 leaders and HR professionals and utilizes the Enneagram in all of her executive coaching engagements.

Specializing in the areas of leadership and team development, executive coaching, diversity, and change management, Krisann helps organizations improve business results and strengthen overall organizational health. Current and recent engagements include work with American Express, Comcast, Nextel, NASA, Regions Bank, Stop at Nothing and Wachovia Bank. Within the past three years these engagements have resulted in both national and international travel serving client groups in the U.S., India and Japan. In addition to her independent practice, Krisann has consulting affiliations with Cambria Consulting, Boston, and Mario Sikora’s firm, Awareness to Action International.

Mario Sikora is managing director of Awareness to Action International and co-author of Awareness to Action: The Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, and Change (University of Scranton Press) and developer of the SikoraSPITM, the first psychometrically validated Ennea-type and instinct assessment. Since 1998, in addition to a variety of general management-consulting interventions, he has conducted Enneagrambased training programs in more than a dozen organizations, including Motorola, Rohm & Haas, Tyco Electronics, Aramark, Panasonic, and Johnson & Johnson. Over 200 executives have completed his Enneagrambased, one-on-one executive coaching/leadership development program and hundreds more have attended his corporate workshops. He was a featured presenter in Motorola’s “Leadership Essentials” training program.

Krisann McCormick
Mario Sikora


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA