This presentation will contribute to a greater understanding of the role played by Enneagram types and centers in conflict and conflict conversations. Conflict conversations follow a pattern. There are prevailing patterns of conversation that lead to effective and satisfactory resolution. Heart types like to keep things in the past. Body types will explore the present and Head types will move quickly to the future. Questions asked and answered to guide the successful conversation are influenced by the Enneagram. Understanding the nuances of language use and temporal stance of the centers assists conversation leaders to better identify and meet the criteria for resolution or underlying interests of the parties.

What is new is the use of the Enneagram in conflict resolution combined with knowledge of the physiological and psychological elements at work in conversation. The likelihood of resolution is increased and we can create world peace – one conversation at a time. When parties and conversation leaders have at least a passing acquaintance with the Enneagram, the identification of what is missing for parties in conflict is greatly enhanced as is the successful implementation of the structured conversation. This presentation seeks to describe and demonstrate a simple, artful Frame for Conversations that derives its strength from the Enneagram.

Dr. Nancy Love is a consultant and program developer for leadership and conflict resolution training programs in organizations. Through her work with many companies in the US and Canada she has come to understand the strength of conversation. Her work is focused on the Art and the Science of Conversation and how improving the way we speak and listen to each other improves the quality of conversation and the quality of the organization. Nancy is a mediator, facilitator and corporate trainer with many years of experience.

Nancy Love


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA