Our personal instinctual focus has a major impact on our daily choices; in the way we act, think, feel and ultimately express ourselves. It is also clearly demonstrated in our body language. And that in itself has a direct effect on the ways people see and relate to us. It is a well-known fact that 70-90% of communication is based on non-verbal clues, acted out by our bodily expressions.

This is truly the x-factor in coaching, therapy or any professional relationship where comfortable and trusting communication is of utmost importance.

If the dominant instinctual drives of the client and the professional are not in sync, that is more apt to deter a successful relationship than any other single factor.

During this highly useful presentation Marika will demonstrate how the three dominant instinctual behavioral patterns play out in our body language within all nine Enneagram styles: eye-contact, manner of speech, standing and walking styles, clothing, touching, etc. Most, if not all of this behavior is unconscious; yet all-pervasive.

The session is practical, fun, and most of all, truly eye-opening for all of us. It explains so much of misunderstandings, clients not returning, feeling uncomfortable with some people, etc. And this is an area of Enneagram study that deserves a closer look.

It is amazingly simple to build a bridge of trust and mutual understanding by being able to identify the other person’s preferred instinctual nonverbal communication style. This session will show how to do that!

Marika Borg is a full-time Enneagram teacher/trainer. She teaches (with her daughter) one and two-year professional Enneagram teacher-trainings in Finland. Marika has an extensive international background as a corporate coach and consultant. She is a popular keynote speaker at public events and has appeared on many major TV shows in Finland and Ireland.

Marika also has a long career as an editor-in-chief of high-circulation lifestyle magazines. She has written seven books in her native Finnish language.

Marika is passionate about teaching the Enneagram so that it builds bridges between people. Her approach is inspiring, practical, and humorous. Marika has innovatively combined the use of the Enneagram and coaching. She also specializes in the body language of the Enneagram types. Marika is a former member of the IEA Board of Directors (2006-2008).

Marika Borg


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA