Often the strongest, most convincing onscreen performances are given by actors playing characters of their own Enneagram type. (This is called typecasting.) But what happens when an actor is cast to play a person whose inherent drive, motivation and temperament are alien or in conflict with his or her own personality?

The results can be intense, intriguing–or disturbing. The character’s words and dialogue may be congruent with the onscreen personality–but the actor’s gestures, mannerisms, body language and energy might evoke a different type altogether. It can be especially noticeable when an actor is portraying a real person–contemporary or historical–with a strong, familiar personality that is strikingly dissimilar to that of the actor.

Using entertaining film clips from movies old and new, Scott will illustrate and discuss some of the glaring disparities and subtle distinctions that can be detected when actors unconsciously superimpose their habits of personality onto characters conceived or written as a different personality type.We will also contrast the emotional feeling and visceral impact of screen characters that are `typecast,’ with performances by actors playing against type.

Gayle Scott is a veteran of Hollywood film and television production with over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of production. In the mid `90’s her work with actors inspired her to combine her professional expertise with her passion for the Enneagram. She began employing the Enneagram as a tool for psychological character development, leading to her pioneering specialty of Enneagram Consultant to Actors and Screenwriters. Her clientele has included many award-winning actors, opera singers, writers and directors.

Gayle is the Director of the Enneagram Institute of Colorado. She discovered the Enneagram in 1988 and began her training with Don Riso and Russ Hudson in 1993. She is a certified senior teacher and faculty member of the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Institute and teaches EI Workshops, Trainings and Teacher Certification courses internationally.

A founding member of the IEA Southern California Chapter, and former Director of the Enneagram Institute of Los Angeles, Gayle relocated to Boulder, Colorado, in 2002 to pursue her ongoing psycho-spiritual studies in the Ridhwan/ Diamond Approach School. She was the founding Director of the Colorado Chapter of the IEA.

Gayle serves on the Board of Directors of the IEA and was the Director of the 2005 IEA Conference in San Francisco, California.

Gayle Scott


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA