Somehow we seekers fell into a trap as we started to pull apart spiritual transformation. The trap is that we talk about it rather than embodying it. The trap is that when we gather, we intellectualize the process rather than opening to divine presence and healing in the now! Are you ready to stop your talking and start your walking? Come do your work with us.

Spiritual transformation is not primarily about blissing out and having pleasant conversations with others… spiritual growth occurs where the rubber meets the road, where we rub each other the wrong way in relationships and have to work through it, when we actually experience our messy emotions like anger, frustration, and fear – and use that experience as part of the alchemy of our transformation. Spiritual transformation doesn’t minimize our emotion… it releases our authentic expression of it.

Spiritual transformation doesn’t lean on intellectual conversation, it begs for direct contact with all aspects of our being and we aim to create that direct contact in live time through this program. We’ll mix presentation with live one-on-one transformational work and find out what happens.

Donna Fowler and Benjamin Saltzman are nationally recognized spiritual change agents. They co-facilitate the four year training program, “Transformational Coaching with the Enneagram.” They have over thirty years’ national and international coaching experience. They co-authored the “Transformational Coaching 101” DVD set. Both actively coach executives in Silicon Valley and train from their life experience.

Donna Fowler
Ben Saltzman


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA