Dianne Collins is the creator of QuantumThink(R), a groundbreaking new system of thinking that blends the genius of modern science with ancient spiritual knowledge into practical wisdom. Collins is a visionary thinker, writer, and producer who is passionate about showing people new ways of seeing that can greatly enhance their lives. As a business consultant who has worked with a wide variety of individuals and organizations, she taps into human faculties not addressed in traditional education, such as intent, intuition, and nonlocal mind. This enables people to make distinctions that can propel them from limited industrial age thinking into the multidimensional reality of our current quantum age. Collins’ Quantum Think methods expand your mind, your awareness, and your knowledge to give you a direct experience of mastering a life of freedom, power, and peace of mind. Her lifelong study of the evolution of human awareness, her love of entertainment and creativity as mediums for conscious awakening, and her ability and natural wit to speak what is in people’s hearts, all led her to create the QuantumThink(R) system of thinking. Dianne has an extraordinary gift of originality and the ability to express complex universal subjects in clear and powerful ways that people instantly benefit from. She provides a big picture view that makes sense of the changes all around us, and makes it easy and enjoyable to think in sync with today’s world. Dianne Collins is a modern visionary, an authority in new world view thinking and the creator and author of the QuantumThink(R) system of thinking, an unprecedented body of knowledge based in the principles of quantum science and universal laws applied as practical wisdom in all areas of life. Dianne’s varied experiences as a Fortune 100 corporate manager, an award winning photographic artist, a video producer, and currently as a consultant to business executives all contribute to her extraordinary gift of originality and the ability to express complex universal subjects in clear and powerful ways that benefit people instantly. Dianne is a graduate of the University of Miami in Philosophy and Psychology and a lifelong student of Siddha Yoga and all leading edge modalities and models that make life better and more joyful. She is a featured visionary in the book, The Flip (J. Rosen and D. Rippe). Her first book, Do You QuantumThink(R)? presenting the QuantumThink(R) system to general audiences will be published in 2009.

Dianne Collins


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA