The word “satsang” comes from the Sanskrit for “sat,” which means “highest truth” and “sanga,” which means “company / community.” Thus, at its simplest, a satsang is a gathering of people who are Seekers of Truth working with the guidance of a teacher who has had a direct experience of True Nature. Through most of history, satsangs were the principal way by which spiritual teachers transmitted the truth of their understanding of objective reality to others.

Oddly, since the beginning of the IEA Conferences in 1995, there have been very few if any satsangs given for Enneagram students. This session is an opportunity for serious Seekers after Truth to experience a satsang, which will be centered around the theme of using the Enneagram for purifying and shifting consciousness, as well as for exploring barriers to realization.

Don and Russ will draw on their many years of teaching, their experience of the Virtues and the Holy Ideas, their years in the Gurdjieff work, as well as their own perceptions of objective reality to guide the satsang participants toward a deeper realization of their own true nature, and of the spiritual possibilities of the Enneagram. It is also a rare opportunity in the history of the IEA for participants to ask direct questions of the teachers about the subtle dimensions of the spiritual process.

This is not a session in which Enneagram basics will be taught; nor will it be highly structured in any way. The satsang will be a spontaneous teaching arising in the moment, as the Truth that needs to be expressed is given the opportunity to be transmitted to participants.All are welcome.

Russ Hudson
Don Richard Riso


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA