All of the spiritual traditions of the world incorporate meditation and contemplation as part of their spiritual practice. They do so in the belief that the journey of personal development cannot be undertaken in the absence of such a practice.

This workshop will look at the purpose, role, and practical effects of a daily meditation practice as part of our personal development and spiritual journeys.

It will use, by way of a case example, the meditation program implemented in Australia by an Enneagram community actively focusing on spiritual and personal development.

This study will examine the basis on which the meditation program was established – principally, in the belief that those involved should meditate to assist themselves on the journey of self awareness, and to experience the divine and awaken to the world and its needs.

The workshop will involve active discussion by participants regarding various meditation practices and experiential exercises.

Dr. Margaret Buring graduated from Sydney University with Honors, and began a career in General Pathology and later General Practice. Margaret completed her Masters in Health Administration in 1994. Margaret joined the Red Cross Blood Service in 1991 and became the Chief Executive Officer of the South Australian Blood Service in 1996. Margaret became Senior Medical Manager for the Queensland Blood Service in 2001.

Stimulated by a mystical experience in Canada Margaret resigned after 12 years of full-time work with the Red Cross. She returned to General Practice at the beginning of 2003 to concentrate on her holistic, integrated medical practice.

Margaret is an accredited Enneagram teacher, a director and member of the faculty of the Australian Institute for Enneagram Studies, and responsible for the meditation program at the Institute.

Margaret Buring


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA