Our presentation will be a practical introduction and a real experience of what the Arica School — our common school of knowledge — has to offer. It is the roots of wisdom of the ancients and a new scientific approach based on trialectical logic that matches the needs of our present time on our way to enlightenment and the realization of a unified humanity (Humanity-One). Excercises, meditations and clarifications will be presented, that open the way of self-observation in a deeper sense, resulting in a state of clarity, freedom and awareness. Tato Gomez is the man who, as musical producer, helped Austrian Pop-hero, Rainhard Fendrich’s Macho Macho become a big success in the European rankings. All of his musical productions went gold and platinum in Austria and Germany. His productions with Spanish Rockstar, Miguel Rios, and Purple Schulz (Germany) also achieved gold status. He was the producer of the background tracks for the German version of the TV show Pop Idol and the Shaolin Monks Show, Lotus and Sword (world tour). Originally from Chile, Tato is the first producer of “baby-music” in the world (Happy Baby-Baby’s first music and the Art of Living collection for Wellness Music). He is also a Trainer and Sponsor of the Arica System and Integral Philosophy. Produced with the help of Oscar Ichazo, the CD The Sound of Light introduced Ichazo’s “sound mysticism” concept and the work with the Seven Sacred Vocals of the ancients. Tato Gomez Musicproductions, Euskirchen Germany, www.tatogomez.de Daniela Hauptmann has been a student of Ocar Ichazo, founder of the Arica Institute, since 1973. She has been an organizer, promoter and teacher of the Arica Enneagrammatic method and theory in the continental US, Hawaii, Canada and Europe. Her special interest is to make the Arica enneagrammatic work available to young people and train them to become teachers. She is presently involved in the creation of a one-year Certified Leadership Program for young people 12 – 18 years of age that combines sustainability in all its aspects with the Arica Method towards Global Unity and Sustainability. She is also an artist and energy healer.

Tato Gomez
Daniela Hauptmann


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA