In antiquity Geometry and Arithmetic constituted two of the four major intellectual disciplines that comprised a classical education (The other two disciplines were Astronomy and Music/Harmony). They were considered by philosophers to be a bridge between the visible and invisible worlds and the study of mathematics a way of turning the mind from the physical world, which was considered to be temporary and illusory, to the contemplation of that which is eternal and truly existent.

This presentation is a metaphysical examination of the geometric diagrams of the Enneagram (circle, triangle, irregular hexagram) and its arithmology (the theology of numbers). Its objective is to lead participants toward an intellectual and spiritual understanding of the theology of the Enneagram, as elucidated by the universal laws that underpin it. Using the accessible nature of numbers and geometry as metaphors, the presentation involves participants in the construction of geometric shapes, incorporates key Neo-Platonic concepts and synthesizes the central tenets of Mystical Theology with the Enneagram framework to provide a practical method for achieving personal and social transformation.

Katrina Stevens is an accredited Enneagram practitioner and experienced educator, presenter and facilitator of learning with 17 years of experience across a broad range of educational settings. She has been a member of the Australian Enneagram Community for 10 years and is currently working with the Australian Institute for Enneagram Studies (AIES) in the development and delivery of Enneagram Training programs for a variety of settings.

Katrina Stevens


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA