There is a quarter of a second between the time your brain has an impulse to do something, and the moment you do it. That means you have a “magic quarter second” during which you could stop yourself from an emotional response you may later regret.

But awareness alone often is not enough to change a habit that has been practiced for years.

Learn EPI (Emotional and Physical Intelligence) tools for change that can be used in that magic quarter second — tools that help you respond in a way that can sustain peace of mind and improve your relationships.

Physical intelligence is a deeply natural capacity that many have devalued and lost touch with. However, it can be renewed and strengthened with exercise and training.

This program is experiential and will include demonstrations in listening to and following the body’s intelligence, using it as a guide to finding your way out of emotional discomfort.You’ll learn an easy-to-use technique drawing on the body’s intelligence you can use when you’re fed up with your habitual responses and find yourself unable to make needed emotional change.

Andrea’s original work with EnneaMotion, using movement to explore the Enneagram, inspired this work that fast-tracks emotional change, increases emotional intelligence and supports a sense of wholeness.

This work can be used in that magic quarter second so that you can reap the rewards of more spirit and joy.

Andrea Isaacs, originator of EnneaMotion, EPI (Emotional and Physical Intelligence), faculty member for the Riso-Hudson Professional Training Program and a frequent guest teacher for Ginger Lapid-Bogda, was an IEA board member for six years, and co-founding editor/publisher of the Enneagram Monthly. She trains people to listen to their body’s intelligence in a way that increases emotional intelligence.

Andrea Isaacs


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA