Come and be inspired to take this powerful tool to business people! Marika has used the Enneagram for over ten years in her full-time work as a corporate trainer and coach. During this session she will demonstrate lots of practical tools (powerpoint, etc.) and approaches to using the model in the corporate world. Marika will also share interesting examples of leadership programmers where the Enneagram has been the main training component. Get some truly fresh ideas on the subject. The aim of this presentation is to give participants a clear idea of how to condense, prioritize and present the material.

This is an opportunity to learn about practical and innovative approaches to introducing the Enneagram to the business world.

Marika Borg is a highly respected professional trainer and executive coach in her native country, Finland. She has over 35 years of extensive experience. Marika is a full time Enneagram teacher/trainer for both business settings and her own training programmers. Marika’s style is engaging, fun and deep.

Marika Borg


2010 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco, California, USA